Allofasudden - By Dan'l MclLhenny


(The Cat Was On The Ball) 

By Dan’l McILhenny 

An untied shoelace 

My eyes got a tip 

While doin’ window shoppin’ 

Along the Sunset Strip 

Oh what a hazardous trip 

Might befall her - if she only knew 

This is why I called you - 

What should a bystander do? 

Our feet can’t speak 

But what if they could 

How would they remedy this? 

With some toe tappin’ code - like 

Morse or Rogers or the Nicholas Brothers did 

Dancin’ down the rescue road   

I ought to decide…to run away or -  

delight at the sound of my own two feet in the street 

Then allofasudden, allofasudden, 

The emergency‘s quelled 

Now there’s no need for worry and fear 

My mystery is solved like that! 

When a cat appears near her shoes 

And she notices what’s loose 

A feline saves her caboose! 

Well, thanks for takin’ 

My pondering call 

I really thought the worst of it all 

It felt like the writing was there on the wall 

Then allofasudden, allofasudden 

That cat was on the ball! 

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