It's Unbelievably Free! - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Under the Moon, under the Sun 

Days parade…come light…come shade 

No two are ever alike it seems 

All one offs - we ought to call - one hit wonders 

Oh, the stories this Earth tries to tell its beings 

Through patter of rain, the chatter of birds 

United in something they do 

As voyagers exercise flight 

With clouds and wind…go detached leaves compelled to compass points elsewhere 

Into the ground, water – droplets seep, nourishing as they flow 

Seasons burst in grand display surprising those who take the walk 

Under the stars, under the sea 

Feel the pulsating rhythms with senses on high 

Where skies, like rivers and landscapes survive 

In thriving greens and hueing blues as colors just choose to infuse 

Before us rolls this impeccable show moving without motor or wheel 

Mother Nature invites us to see every reel and admission is always a bargain, friend! 

 It’s unbelievably free!

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