Green Grass Dulcimer Girl - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Summer floral dressed 

Green grass dulcimer girl 

Strumming strings, upon a curving wooden box 

The rhythmic frames of flowing chords 

As well as intricate pickings too 

She’s a one-woman band 

Singing so angelic while her music goes 

Across the meadow and into the woods 

Only those sweet voices swirl around us 

Before they lift forever to blue places 

Green grass dulcimer girl 

Your wild gift glows inside 

Each song its…own love tune 

Unique as the authoress herself 

One with every sweet thing she exhales 

The beauty, the rapture…so grounded in nature 

This Good Earth invites you back 

Again, and again and again 

Green grass dulcimer girl

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