Breakfast - By Tom Brady

I rise with darkness 

and fall into the 

hope of light 


I spoon Greek 

yogurt in my bowl 

and glob on 

nuts and fresh berries 


Each spoonful  

reflects the faces 

of wild-eyed children 


In so many places 

of starvation


Ascend - By Tom Brady

Neither Jack nor Jill wanted to go up the hill. It was a sun-soaked day. The trail was dusty, and they were already thirsty. 

“I know this is something we should do,” said Jill, “but I'm so worn out from…


Catalina - By Tom Brady

Now what? Pounding rain poured through our home’s gutters, and they hummed with rushing water. Rain soaked the ground and swirled around the street drain.  A downpour changed my plan to sit in the park and write.  Wife, kids, and…


The Art of Art - By Tom Brady

There is so much art to see that it's hard to keep up. Not only is there a lot of existing art, but there is more created every day. To complicate things, there are many kinds of art. There is…


The Yellow Door - By Tom Brady

After a tiresome and repetitive journey around the spare rooms in my head, my meditation session finally took me somewhere more interesting. I wound up cutting through cobwebs until I reached a pale-yellow door in what felt like the back…


Pillow Fight

Pillow Fight

By Thomas Brady

Stacy couldn’t sleep. She knew and employed all the good sleep habits and practices as needed over the last couple of years, but sometime her brain simply refused to go along with the plan. Why…