I Don’t' Want to Go - By Louise Minch

Spring has sprung 

My last one 

so the experts say. 

I'm lucky to open 

my eyes 

one more day. 


I can scream 

I can cry 

and all that I know 

is that I'm going to go. 


I search for 

new hope 

but the truth is I fear 

I won't be around 

this time next year. 


I tell loved ones 


and try not to cry 

as my heart breaks 

in one more way, 

but I still have today. 


Is this what it takes 

to appreciate 

every flower I see, 

every new budding tree? 

My last glimpse of the sea? 


So much left undone, 

if I'd known all along 

would I have lived 


Doesn't matter now. 

I can't change it now. 


I'm just glad for each day 

I have breath to say 

all I know is 

I don't want to go.

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