Childhood Chains - By Louise Minch

They put that burning pain 

In the pit pf your stomach. 

Years did not take it away. 

Time left unhealed scars, aching. 

They squeeze life from you 

at every turn and even when 

you don't know why you are hurting. 

The hating doesn't go away. 

Emotion churns within you, 

Boiling over in raging 

Anger against the ones you love. 

You act as a helpless puppet 

in the fury of it all for 

you do not know the secret 

of its destruction. 

If I could have been there . . . 

If I could have stopped them . . . 

But you were alone in your 

terror and you live with the 

haunting memories every moment, 

carrying them into every situation. 

Only you can lose those childhood 

chains that bind you like a slave 

to your past. 

Only you can forgive them all, and must, 

to be free of them at last.

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