Awareness - By Louise Minch

Caught in my own awareness 

I sought with audacity to 

force others into my space. 

I would not tolerate ignorance. 

I tore at it with clenched fists 

And lashing tongue only to find 

anger and prejudice as my reward. 



Burden of Myself  - By Louise Minch

I walk briskly a while, 

but all along the way 

my shadow, clinging to my past, 

becomes so heavy 

I cannot walk so fast. 

Simply stepping 

deliberately and carefully, 

my shadow 

dragging in the dust 

still follows me. 

Up the…


Don't Run Too Fast - By Louise Minch

I ran along the beach 

And soon came to the end 

Where the giant rocky cliffs 

Extend into the water's edge 

And divide the sand. 

I slowed to walk back 

To where I had come from 

And saw all the…


Childhood Chains - By Louise Minch

They put that burning pain 

In the pit pf your stomach. 

Years did not take it away. 

Time left unhealed scars, aching. 

They squeeze life from you 

at every turn and even when 

you don't know why you are hurting. 



Just one of those little wildflower seeds 

Dropped by a bird in a field of weeds 

Grew and flourished in sun and breeze, 

Admired by all the birds and bees. 

Still she complained that she was there. 

Was not content…


A Fifty-Cent Glass - By Louise Minch

The glass broke and so did I . . . 

crash upon the floor. 

"No more!" I cried. 

The car, the kids, the bills, 

the peeling paint. 

The lock just broke. 

I cannot cope with more. 

And so, I lay…


I Don’t' Want to Go - By Louise Minch

Spring has sprung 

My last one 

so the experts say. 

I'm lucky to open 

my eyes 

one more day. 


I can scream 

I can cry 

and all that I know 

is that I'm going to go. 


I search for 



Checkbook Balance - By Louise Minch

I faced a pile of bills and 

A sadly lacking 

Checkbook balance. 

Tears welled up as I caught 

A glimpse of sunshine. 


Emerald green grass 

And crystal blue skies 

Captured my attention. 

Yellow buttercups waved 

in a gentle breeze. 



The Magnolia Tree

By Louise Minch

The long neglected 

Magnolia tree 

bravely struggled 

for her dignity, 

but the weight 

of neglect 

pulled her down 

till her branches 

dragged the ground. 

Though she flowered 

faithfully each year, 

in her drooping limbs 

the truth was…