Seizing Opportunity - Mizeta Moon

I accepted the reality of Big Brother decades ago, so I’ve never allowed watching the puppet show to distract me from thinking about the puppeteer. From my lowly social position, I’ve never been privy to who actually calls the shots…


Political Clout - By Mizeta Moon

While it’s disheartening to see more and more anti LGBTQ legislation being enacted across the country, it’s equally disheartening to see people sit idly by and allow themselves to be marginalized. I don’t understand why the community I consider my…


Shaved Legs and All - By Mizeta Moon

LGBT Pogrom

By Mizeta Moon


I volunteered to be the first one executed because I didn’t want to watch my brethren die. Witnessing their frailty be surrendered to the brutality of hate was a sight I couldn’t face. Blood sickens…