Uh oh! - By Mizeta Moon

Living on the edge can lead to waking up in bed with a stranger, having a severe hangover, and wondering where your panties got to. Not to mention concerns about whether protection was used and if you drove drunk. Or…


Redemption - By Mizeta Moon

His decline into alcoholism, drug addiction, and constant self-abuse led to sleeping in an alley. What little he still owned was tattered and torn like the clothes he wore. Unkempt, unloved, unnoticed, he slipped behind the veil of polite society…


Still Life Portrait - By Mizeta Moon

Still Life Portrait 

By Mizeta Moon 

There is a bench at the edge of the woods where people sit when they want to enjoy a spectacular view. A shimmering lake whose ripples gently touch a sandy shoreline fills the foreground…


The price of absolution - By Mizeta Moon

Hot breath from the hounds of hell seared his nape as he ran from his pursuers. Stumbling, faltering, he feared their victory, for it would ensure the loss of his soul. There was no return from damnation for him. He’d…


A time for tears - By Mizeta Moon

The sky looked like a sandstorm was coming, but I knew better. I’d seen plenty of storms while working oil rigs in the middle east and knew that western Oregon couldn’t generate such an event. Knowing that a fire was…


Dreaming of Days Gone - By Mizeta Moon

The TV is down to three channels now. One offers 24-7 bible studies and guest preachers. One is a constant barrage of fake news and indoctrination. The one that pretends to be entertaining is hardly that. Where once I had…


Understanding History - By Mizeta Moon

People who’ve never taken an interest in history don’t see the pattern. America is about to have its first true encounter with authoritarianism. Lack of freedom. Restricted movement. Denial of goods and services. No free enterprise. Soldiers in the streets…


Demilitarize - By Mizeta Moon

Demilitarize, don’t defund 

I grew up in west Texas where cops would kick your ass for running a stop sign, going two miles over the limit, or skipping school. Whining about it only got you more punishment. Judges were considered…


The Great Die Off - By Mizeta Moon

I was homeless for years. Slept on the sidewalk, ate from the garbage, cashed in cans to pay for showers, and to wash the few clothes and bedding I owned. This was not by choice but circumstance as I was…


Not Interested - By Mizeta Moon

I refuse to kneel to any invisible god when those who represent them preach suffering, pain, prejudice and xenophobia. 

I will not worship greed, nor money. 

Instead, I will follow my heart and tread my own path into the unknown. 


Pertinent Questions - By Mizeta Moon

To say these are both interesting and perilous times would be an understatement, so I won’t waste time before stating the obvious. We’re under permanent arrest. Everywhere you go from now on there’ll be a sign directing you how to…


Seizing Opportunity - Mizeta Moon

I accepted the reality of Big Brother decades ago, so I’ve never allowed watching the puppet show to distract me from thinking about the puppeteer. From my lowly social position, I’ve never been privy to who actually calls the shots…