Understanding History - By Mizeta Moon

People who’ve never taken an interest in history don’t see the pattern. America is about to have its first true encounter with authoritarianism. Lack of freedom. Restricted movement. Denial of goods and services. No free enterprise. Soldiers in the streets. While it’s true we’ve survived wartime rationing, the great depression where thousands starved and died, we have yet to face the wanton disregard of our elected officials for our health, welfare, and safety. Other nations that have existed for thousands of years have been enslaved many times, and have fought valiantly for their freedom, only to lose it again through negligence. Our country is young, spoiled by success, and has no idea how badly its citizens are being played. Driven into stockades and pitted against each other through propaganda. 

Every dictatorship follows a time-worn formula. So far, wholesale slaughter of dissidents hasn’t occurred, but kidnapping protestors and silencing science and intelligence have. We are being force-fed an agenda that is leading to compliance with social isolation and a virtual world that can be constantly manipulated to make us believe that we believe in the lie. Thinking for yourself will not be allowed. Mindless entertainment will flood the airwaves. We will be told that our leaders are wonderful people who love and cherish us while they plunder the coffers and wallow in excess. Meanwhile, commodities will disappear. Small businesses will perish. Art will become disloyal and unfashionable. Throughout history there has been suppression of free will, leading to mindless obedience. Lack of education is the greatest tool of an exploitive regime. Ignorant and hungry people will work their fingers to the bone to survive while their masters sneer at their efforts and tread on them like paving stones. Only when the burden of servitude becomes intolerable do the masses revolt and lop off the head of their exploiter, only to find that they were only a figurehead representing a conspiracy to keep all power and economic opportunity within a small circle of what could be deemed The Chosen by an absentee God. 

I could recite a list of murderers who’ve practiced genocide on their own people, but their names don’t matter. Their journey to supremacy follows the same path. A megalomaniac who can be convinced they are the supreme being on the planet but are actually controlled by those whose purse strings they cling to. Because of their desire to rule, they can be incited to commit horrible acts of cruelty and injustice because they are without conscience. Their self-serving ego allows them to believe in their invulnerability as long as praise and servitude are heaped upon them. When toppled, it is because their drunken misuse of power made them reckless and unaware of the quiet distancing of their supporters. Others thinking they want some of the loot and glory. 

We’ve raped and despoiled the land. Murdered and exploited indigenous peoples to establish an arrogant society based on prejudice and greed instead of husbandry for all living things. Our comeuppance has arrived. While we descend into chaos other societies will continue to flourish due to learning from their mistakes. We’re like a toddler who doesn’t know that sticking a fork in the light socket is unwise. Someday, we may understand that cooperation is required for humanity to survive the volatile nature of the planet we live on. That should we disappear, the monuments we’ve erected will turn to dust or become overgrown. At the moment, there’s no escaping the onslaught from those in charge of our survival as they purge the herd to create more for themselves. Hopefully, we can survive their indoctrination and exploitation to create a society based on mutual respect and admiration. 

As always, I offer you a piece of my heart to experience the love it feels for you. I am you. You are me. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. Mizeta 


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