Not Interested - By Mizeta Moon

I refuse to kneel to any invisible god when those who represent them preach suffering, pain, prejudice and xenophobia. 

I will not worship greed, nor money. 

Instead, I will follow my heart and tread my own path into the unknown. 

I refute anyone’s right to rule my actions and feelings when their orders require blind obedience. 

I choose to see the wonder of it all with my own eyes rather than be led as if blind. 

To have a society requires cooperation, but for me the laws must be just and apply to all. I refuse to cooperate when branded unworthy of freedom and equality by anyone desirous of enslaving my mind. There will always be different viewpoints and philosophies, yin and yang, but I never ignore the merge point where extremes come together and create harmony and balance. A center where the greatest variety can exist. Practical rules and guidelines can be applied there despite constant pressure from extremism. 

Never ask me to enlist in the armies of hatred. My soul is geared to love. 

Never ask me to kill someone for you who’s done me no harm. I can only imagine the pain of loved ones from their loss. Never expect me to quit caring about casualties of incessant war as I question the desire to profit from misery. 

Flaying skin from bone because we are different will never be my agenda. If it’s yours, I can only hope to remain beyond reach. I was born into this world. How can anyone say I don’t belong?    

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