Stitching Souls With Humble Earth - By Dan'l McIlhenny

Hasten up twilight 

Invite speechless nightfall in 

Wind wrap cool around us 

Let sunset please begin 

Sun the brightest, mighty one 

Must bid at last adieu  

Slow the glows 

Those pastel shows 

‘Tis dusk we seek again  

Above wooded mountain…

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A Remedy - By Dan'l Mcllhenny

Shoes of another 

Bought by my Mother 

Found at a secondhand store 

A Pearl of a girl is she - 

Bein’ poor’s an illusion 

If you’ll choose it to be 

‘Cuz there’s some cushion 

Between earth and me 

Liftin’ the…

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Me and Alaska Joe - By Dan’l McIlhenny

I got a friend named Alaska Joe 

We go fishin’ every day or so  

A couple of kids you probably don’t know 

Me and Alaska Joe 

Bait in the bucket, tackle and pole 

Come hell or high water we go 

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