The Place We All Try Once Again - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Harry had an ache in his hands 

Where it had come from . . . 

He was not aware, it was just there 

Right now, holy cow, right now and how! 

The ache was in Harry’s hands 


A fiddler fiddles…


My Life Was Nothin' But Fun - By Dan MclLhenny

Bought this cowboy hat back at age sixteen 

I’ve had it for the rest of my days 

Never the wind lifted it from me 

To set it flyin’ into the sea of sage 

It’s never fallen off in a barroom…


Sharing stories of the Muries with the world - By Kylie Mohr

‘Docent Dan’ is a natural fit for telling historical stories. 

By Kylie Mohr 


Each and every day Dan McIlhenny sat on the porch where the Wilderness Act of 1964 was envisioned. 

“My favorite picture growing up was the one that…


There's A Dog On the Roof - By Dan MclLhenny

There’s a dog on the roof 

There’s a dog on the roof 

I’d like to tell he’s bulletproof 

It’s not to imply this hound is aloof 

He’s just stuck up on the roof 

Maybe we should call Carole King and…


The Shadowman - By Dan MclLhenny

Is the shadowman wavin’ hello or goodbye? 

Nobody knows... but the shadowman knows 

He shows up early - goes home well before dark 

He’s the quietest dude, ‘tis so, ‘tis so   

Reckon he’d be an asset in the orchard -…


Busy Rain - By Dan MclLhenny

Carried away with words 

Attached to the insides 

Of random assorted cards 

Somewhere in time 

Lightning flashed, thunder roared 

Causing the miracle of 

“Busy Rain” to quench an already deeply 

Moistened soil 

In these lavish waterfalls 

Trees, their leaves...glisten 



Being the Brilliant Souls We Are! - By Dan'l MclLhenny

In the dark, dress, coolish mornin’ 

The rain came pourin’ in 

The rat a tat sped to a drum roll 

Like Buddy Rich was at it again 

As the tin roof made nature music 

How could you not grow a…


At Conservations Home - By Dan'l McLlhenny

On a typical day 

Once Spring sets in 

A higher elevation 

Of forest ground 

Where meadows grow lush 

In Murie greens 

The prettiest shades 

I’ve ever seen 

 Amongst the trees 

The birds are singing 

Whilst the sky above 

Hangs spectacular…


"Harrison's Reel" - By Dan'l MclLhenny

“Harrison’s Reel” 

“We Hope That Agrees With You!” 

By Dan’ l McILhenny 


Mollie and Ryan have some really Great News 

It's a whole lot better than a new pair of shoes 

They did some consultatin’ with the Birds n Bees 


Aspen Newborn Babes - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Hello mid - May 

Said a host of waking Aspen 

Without any hesitation 

Unleashing this years new leaves 

Glossy topped, under-bellied, satin-like newborn babes  

Honest to goodness attachery 

These chartreuse fledglings gleaming, sun-splashed Individuals 

Are going bonkers confirming…There is life…


Grand Teton Dormancy - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Scattered snow patches 

Still decorate forest and meadow 

Often typical in early May 

Leafless Cottonwood and Aspen 

Stand remarkably naked 

Next to verdant green needled Pine 

Look closer though...   

You’ll find those skeletal beige bare trees 

Are readying to expose…