We Love The Commotion - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Courtesy of the wind  

White caps are back in vogue 

Crazed Bay water acts disturbed 

Rambunctious fits 

For those who’d label it 

These are Pacific seas 

Part of Earth's largest ocean 

Reacting, riled and ruffled 

A gale warning flag 

Forgets how to sag 

In gusts like these 

Here on the bluff’s flat top 

Matured conifers and  

Eucalyptus trees dance 

Uncontrollably wild 

Nearby their decorative kin 

Blush almost embarrassed in April bloom 

Even though today’s show reveals  

No sign of letting up 

The trees and raging sea may say… 

“Don’t worry pilgrim 

We can handle this!” 

“Truth be told... 

We love the commotion 

It reminds us we’re alive!”

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