Sundays Eucalyptus Walk - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Over halfway through winter 

The smell of green eucalyptus  

Accents our February air 

We breathe in its freshness 

Not because of some weird want 

Instead... this natural aromatic pleasures us 

As olfactories go... it seasons our walk 

Beneath our feet strands of discarded bark crunch 

Unless disturbed by a passers random steps 

That grounded tree epidermis would lay silent 

What a thrill having this forest so close 

Watching how it sways from influential winds 

The stroll out and back represents less than a mile 

However the appeal to saunter along entices 

Twenty five minutes have flown by 

As we step back inside our home 

That scent of eucalyptus lingers on our shoes

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