May We have Your Promise Roy - By Dan'l Mcllhenny

Don’t toss a pebble in the pond boy 

Show a little restraint, behave...okay! 

It’s assumed you could 

But why would you 

On this special day 

Kindly direct  

Your interest some other constructive way  

Quick - without delay 

Life’s a tug o’ war...of this and that 

Good vs evil my Dear Son 

To breach the lid 

On the Granddad’s honey vat 

Play catch with your dog 

Or tease Mom’s innocent cat 

Remember angels don’t tussle with fire 

For most they tend to inspire 

A bit of argy-bargy goes...a long way lad 

Until the saint returns to you 

The very one who seeks a classic read 

And does his chores without a fuss 

Exceeds expected deeds 

Instead of Abel raisin’ cane 

While actin’ half insane 

Have ya lost your brain? 

There will be no punishment today...this is our decree 

If you’ll agree to take a break 

And set your demons free 

Let ‘em go on holiday 

Put those thugs to rest 

Have some turkey dinner now 

Bring us pride and joy  

May we have your promise Roy?

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