Make An Occasional Wish - By Dan'l MclLhenny

I’ve heard stars 

Give humans names 

Because they have lots of time 

While drifting through space 

It’s curiously amusing 

Imagining we’d even register 

That realm of thought 

We can see them 

On clear, dark nights 

Sparkling bright 

Hung upon the contrasting curtain 

Of other worldliness 

How well do they see us in return? 

Who knows… 

But don’t you wonder like me  

What they chose to call you? 

Of course in reversology  

Wise earthlings might say... 

(To any number of interested individuals), 

“There are infinite numbers of stars 

For us to gaze upon 

Why not choose one to follow 

Through your life, name it what you will 

And make an occasional wish too!”

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