... Lest We Forget - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Outside an ocean roar 

Constantly remind us 

Journeys likely end here 

Waves form, crest then crash 

Water bound occupants 

Are tossed ashore 

Probably not resembling 

Anything like they were before 

Just soggy, rag dollish remnants 

Unless they vessel tumble in 

As a bottled-up message 

If not curiously alluring 

Most beachcombers leave 

Well enough alone 

Shorebirds might dig 

This smelling muck 

Searching for the prize inside 

Handsomely rewarded 

For their American picker effort 

What’s the old saying? 

‘You snooze, you lose’ 

…Lest we forget ~ 

One powerful wave may snatch 

These random heaps back 

Into its briny bath again 

For more agitation cycles

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