If I Had Something To Say - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Guess she forgot again 

About the stars tonight 

Just like she’s done for so long 

Right or wrong, in fleeting light  

The sun always bows, before it goes 

As darkness comes she hides inside 

A desert girl readies  

To curl-up cozy in her desert bed 

Where pages unfurl from a book she reads 

The imagery lives in her head  

Then she says... 


I ought to write my own novel 

If I had something to say... 

Maybe a lover in Tucson 

Who hails from Santa Fe 

Blind is this man 

Who sees what he hears 

And tastes what he touches 

Alive in the clutches of feelings 

Revealing the subtlest truths 

I never was the beautiful one 

That drew the fairest straw 

Or turned a single glance this way 

Blind is this man 

Who adores my song voice 

And knows my heartbeat better than me  

In ecstasy, in poetry and fathomless prose 

To him I’m his wild sunkissed Rose  

Blind is this man 

Who desires my kindly, womanly soul 

For everything I appear to be for him  

Oh... the reverie of togetherness 

Discovering as we go 

We’ll sow whatever garden we choose to grow 

Blind is this man 

Who weeps with me and smiles from deep within 

Sharing each new found horizon 

If I had something to say 

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