Grand Teton Dormancy - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Scattered snow patches 

Still decorate forest and meadow 

Often typical in early May 

Leafless Cottonwood and Aspen 

Stand remarkably naked 

Next to verdant green needled Pine 

Look closer though...   

You’ll find those skeletal beige bare trees 

Are readying to expose their sooning colors 

One could almost bet now 

On when their eye catchy show will begin 

Are secret deals being made behind the scene? 

With the Sun, Moon and Stars - 

Or perhaps a perfect signaling wind, 

Maybe a particular returning birdsong ~ 

Whatever the trigger-switch is 

Spring is already well underway 

Doing its trusted Earth & Wood groundwork 

Allowing Grand Teton Dormancy to step aside 

Giving Vibrancy her chance to  impress us again.

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