Dreamer Douglas Rolls On - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Just outside Hiccup Springs, Manitoba, CANADA 

Douglas Dayton dreams of the olde leaded gas dinosaurs of yesteryear  

Studebakers, Desoto’s, Hudsons and Packards mostly 

They had their run but now so few of us offer up their makes or models in conversation 

All these remarkable autos saw their share of assembly line magic 

Each becoming their own refined powerhouse, roadworthy - machine 

Back in those Canadian days when gasoline was sold for pennies a gallon instead of dollars 

Teenagers like Douglas remember well when two bits could get a fellers jalopy up and Runnin’ at the fillin’ station well enough to putter on back home 

Seatbelts were not even a safety consideration then 

Radios were an upgrade not standard issue yet 

And whitewalls were the way to go 

And most provinces required operators to make hand signals out the drivers window 

Douglas who turns a lively 85 next week has a treasure chest of sorts 

Out back in his relic of a barn you’d be amazed at what you’d find 

One of each of the aforementioned cars lovingly restored and sporting original paint 

Blanketed under canvas tarps he purchased from the army surplus store way back when 

Amazingly - all four are patiently maintained and religiously driven 

By Douglas who still takes out his old chariots at least once a week 

Funny to see this life well lived - where an interest, became his dream so vibrantly enjoyed 

As time marches on... these wheels keep turning 

While the seasons certainly come then faithfully go 

And... Dreamer Douglas Rolls On

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