Dorothy's Not In Kansas Anymore - By Dan'l MclLhenny

In her motorcar she waves goodbye 

Driving for the gold pacific shore 

Dorothy’s not in Kansas anymore 


With little Figeroe right beside her 

Who goes wherever his partner goes 

Dorothy’s not in Kansas anymore  


It’s really such a doggone shame that nasty twister came 

To tear down every shred of homestead history 

The last one in her family line she rolls away  

And leaves the seeds of hard times far behind  


Somewhere in the rubble she found a ruby slipper 

Now she tosses it for Figeroe to fetch for exercise 

You guessed it...Dorothy’s not in Kansas anymore 


Oh- Eee- Oh all the way they go 

O’er the rugged Rocky Mountain range   

Oh- Eee- Oh all the way they go 

If that’s not weird yet this story gets more strange  


The Silver state sits straight ahead 

Where highway 50’s the loneliest road 

Through the desert west to Tonapah 

Before she’ll reach the motherlode 


Oh- Eee- Oh all the way they go 

O’er the mighty Sierra Nevada range 

Oh- Eee- Oh all the way they go 

Figeroe, Figeroe, Figeroe please don’t catch the mange  


He scratches in the front seat   

Flat deplores the ride in back a lot 

Dorothy’s not in Kansas anymore  


They stop to swim in Tahoe Lake 

When they step out they start to shake 

Dorothy’s not in Kansas anymore 


If you must rely on sound advice 

Listen to your hound and don’t think twice’s what Figeroe spoke to her that day... 


There may be munchkins in the cafe 

But no tinmen stalk these woods 

Scarecrows watch some backyards 

In random neighborhoods 

As for witches they’ve just flown the coop 

Swept away by brooms they say 

At least that’s the latest scoop in USA Today 


There are no smoke or mirrors here 

On this grade use a lower gear! 


Said her handsome brilliant pooch named Mister Figeroe 

Who coaches her on the things she ought to know 


Old midwest roots used to tie you down 

Until one rogue wind changed her score 

So...Dorothy’s not in Kansas anymore 


Findly on to San Francisco bay 

Discovering what’s new for she and Figeroe too 

Dorothy’s not in Kansas anymore 

Dorothy’s not in Kansas anymore

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