At Conservations Home - By Dan'l McLlhenny

On a typical day 

Once Spring sets in 

A higher elevation 

Of forest ground 

Where meadows grow lush 

In Murie greens 

The prettiest shades 

I’ve ever seen 

 Amongst the trees 

The birds are singing 

Whilst the sky above 

Hangs spectacular blue 

There’s not a great view 

Of our majestic mountains 

But Mardy’s front porch 

Offers you the crest of the Grand  

Mornin’s always peaceful here 

With regular visits from Moose and deer 

Uinta, squirrels and ravens too 

Doin what they’re meant to do 

Being wildly free  

At Conservations Home 

Let’s discuss the antlers 

Propped up and standing still 

Waiting for their picture 

In the hands of family ones 

A simple pose, one moment 

Brings a keepsake for the rest of time  

Stuck inside a dresser drawer 

Lost, completely out of mind 

And when it’s rediscovered 

You find your face a smile 

Remembering the pleasantness 

In Grand Teton for awhile 

Outside is alive in awesomeness 

Only nature can provide 

The invitation’s waiting 

When we walk or take a drive 

Straight into the natural world 

Where we all came from 

In our long family line 

Just flip your phone to silent friend 

And make the day you choose... up close 

The magic Earth delivers 

As we willingly approach the specialness 

 At Conservations Home

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