Aspen Newborn Babes - By Dan'l MclLhenny

Hello mid - May 

Said a host of waking Aspen 

Without any hesitation 

Unleashing this years new leaves 

Glossy topped, under-bellied, satin-like newborn babes  

Honest to goodness attachery 

These chartreuse fledglings gleaming, sun-splashed Individuals 

Are going bonkers confirming…There is life here! 

Look at us... they silently say ~ look as us! 

And how can we not 

These spectacular branching green community kinder 

Coax us from our cozy inside nests 

Outdoors to share their spring greeting 

Networked scarified white trunk, deeply-rooted trees  

Transfixing our gaze by budding-blushing gesture alone 

Using hypnosis and eye-popish, natural bliss 

To expound upon graceful beginnings 

Standing like color-enriched, country flags 

Only larger, grander, more breathtaking  

...Dimensionally speaking that is  

A beautiful addition to our highland wildness 

@ The Murie Ranch, Jackson Hole 

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