Argue - By Dan'l MclLhenny

The Giant E. Verses the Little Bitty B. Debacle  

Or…Two Arguing Argue-nots 

By: Dan’l McILhenny 

“We shouldn’t argue!” said the red billed bird  

...We’re different as any true friends ought to be 

You’re an elephant with your own point of view, 

A marvel of nature made perfectly 

And I can see you're troubled too 

Perhaps if I fly away ~ we can work this out another day” 

“No...please stay!” the elephant sighed 

...Don’t you see the tears welling in my eyes 

It’s not that I’m so sensitive beneath my thickened skin, 

But, how can an elephant ever win?” 

 Debate, debate, debate, debate - that’s all we seem to do 

Since we joined the Argue-nots 

The jokes on me and you” 

“So let us agree” the  red billed bird replied 

We’ll toss our unhappiness into the fray 

We’ll quit the darned Argue-nots - who needs ‘em anyway?” 

“Yeah, let them stack their pro’s and con’s on someone else's turf 

Let’s head for the ocean - I’d really love to surf”  

The red-billed Oxpecker

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