A Green Thumb Up For Sure - By Dan'l Mcllhenny

Ronny was a different kid 

A self imposed loner some say 

No profile really 

Though tall, frightfully lean - but agile 

Ronny kept his smile 

Forever away 

Locked tight - outta sight 

He'd never crack a grin at all 

An outdoors boy was he 

Who wilfully ogled nature’s gifts 

Sure as the sun rose 

Trees n bees, ants n flowers 

That’s where fascination 

Began and retired 

His buds of bliss lingered there 

‘Tis no wonder his first garden 

Gave rise to every seed he sowed  

Fertile soil behind a woodshed 

Fresh turned earth's musty fragrant scent 

Generous water splashes plus blanket fine sunshine 

Yields produce by the basket 

‘Cuz Ronny grew a business 

And a green thumbs-up for sure

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