The Millers Make Minor Adjustments - By Brian Law

She raced down the stairs, panicked. Almost slipping as she took the corner on the lower landing, she headed for her husband in his den, and finding him, she panted, “It’s . . . Mom . . and Dad!” 



The Egg Lady - By Brian Law

As he turned the last corner before the end of his morning walk, a nondescript white van pulled-up alongside him and the young woman driving it yelled out, “Hey, I’m the Egg Lady. You need some?” 

He stopped, looked over…


Tagalongs - By Brian Law

“Maggie, please sit down. I have something I need to tell you, so prepare yourself for bad news,” her Boss declared as Maggie knocked on her door. 

She sat down slowly going over in her mind just what all this…


Ring of Class - By Brian Law

He was lying on his stomach, fast asleep with a pillow over his head when she shook him gently and whispered,  “Honey, wake up. I’ve got a surprise.” 

Opening one eye, he peeked at the alarm clock. ‘Jeez,’ he thought…


Reading the Room - By Brian Law

“Grandpa, you were on Iwo Jima, weren’t you?” his grandson asked, moving closer to his grandparent who was seated in his favorite chair wearing his pajamas and a bathrobe. 

The old man nodded and continued reading his newspaper. He’d said…


The Rules for Men Doing Laundry - By Brian Law

He knew he should have been writing them down when she was telling him ‘The Rules’. She made a point that This Is Important! Because You’re home All Day And I’m Not! He should have written them down because now…


Super Spreader - By Brian Law

Sitting in the quiet of his study, he thought for a moment, and then continued writing, “The force of the blow would have stunned anyone else, but WonderMan just shook his head, smiled strangely and asked, ‘Is that all you…


Rawhide - By Brian Law

The lanky trail hand slid off his horse, draped the reins over the hitching post and ambled up the steps of the front porch to the big white house at the end of Main Street in Abilene. He looked back…


Apologies, Inc. - By Brian Law

“Apologies, Inc. How may I help you?” she asked, adjusting her phone headset slightly. 

“Uh, I’d like to send out an apology tomorrow. Can you do that? I know it’s late,” the man answered. 

“That depends, sir. How many people…


Ad Out - By Brian Law

As he patted his neck with his towel, she bent down and dried off her legs with her towel. As he watched her, he remarked, “Your backhand today was the best I’ve ever seen it.” As he waited for her…


Here Goes Nothin' - By Brian Law

Most just called it “The Ranch”. It was a five thousand acre spread in the mountains of northern New Mexico and since the Sixties it had been the playground of the rich and famous. But the Pandemic had closed it…


Righty Tighty - By Brian Law

The young man and his Supervisor sat patiently in the waiting room of the Director of the Wuhan Laboratory. It had been a long day for both of them and they were anxious to return to their homes for the…