Pecking Order - By Brian Law

His retirement party was a low-key event in keeping with his own personality. Nothing fancy, no punch lines, just solid talk from solid folks, and then it was all over, just like that. They handed him his plaque and the…


The Man From Dixie - By Brian Law

If you didn’t already know they were there, you’d never find them. Both the old pickup and the shabby little trailer hooked-up to it were so well hidden from the main road that even the County Sheriff’s patrols weren’t aware…


Wheelbarrowful - By Brian Law

The wet sand felt good on his toes as he trundled along the shoreline lost in his own thoughts. He’d left his car back about a mile or so, took off his shoes, rolled up his pants legs, and had…


Lost Among All the Others - By Brian Law

She hadn’t been on a bus since she was a kid when she and her mother went cross-country together. But here she was again, in a window seat. . . except she was alone this time. The buses hadn’t changed…


Zoom Sex - By Brain Law

“What are you wearing?” he asked. 

She shook her head, adjusted the computer a bit, and in a slightly exasperated tone answered, “We’re not on the phone, anymore, Roger! We’re on Zoom, for Christ’s sake. Just look at your computer…


Bit Part - By Brian Law

"So, kid, what’s eating at you, anyway?” the old man asked. 

The kid sighed, shoved his hands deep into his overall pockets and said, “I don’t know, it’s just that I don’t feel like I’m going anywhere in my career…


The Children Who Ate Only Beans - By Brian Law

The sun had decided to not come out today, so neither did they. They were both getting along in years, both in their eighties, and a walk in the cold and damp wasn’t a good idea. So they both remained…


Sometimes I Wonder - By Brian Law

“Good Lord, George!” she exclaimed, “This time you’ve gone too far. I’m beginning to worry about you, dear.” 

“You mean you don’t believe me, right?” he shot back. “Well, I just saw it in my drink. The image of Jesus…


The Coffin Polisher - By Brian Law

He liked to work in dim light, so the fluorescent lights of the mortuary were switched off and just the table lamp was on in the corner. 

Humming to himself, he leaned down a bit and inspected the surface of…


Zog Survives an Election - By Brian Law

The weather outside was miserable, but inside the cave it was warm and dry. Nevertheless, it had been a harrowing day for the entire tribe . . . they were electing a new leader and the first vote revealed that…


The Thought Snatcher - By Brian Law

It was another typical Sunday morning breakfast, him sipping coffee and her nibbling quietly away at her scrambled eggs. It was at these times that they often shared their innermost confidences, yet today he sensed that she was preoccupied, distant…


It's in the Details - By Brian Law

His secretary poked her head into his office and whispered, “He’s here, Boss. Do you want me to show him in?” 

The Boss nodded and quickly tried to put the papers on his desk into some semblance of order before…