Trail's End - By Brian Law

The two men had seen better times. In the 1950’s, their television show was watched by millions, their images were on all manner of merchandise, and they were adored by the American public. But now their money was just about…


Place Settings - By Brian Law

The two of them stood at the entrance to their beautiful dining room, his arm around her shoulders, admiring the table setting. “You’ve still got it,” he said with admiration in his voice. “This is absolutely perfect, especially the center…


Spring Break - By Brian Law

A late Spring rain had made the streets slippery, so they kept to the speed limit. It had been dark for hours, and the city lights reflected off the roadway as the two men drove aimlessly around. “So, you thinkin’…


Cuddles - By Brian Law

“Ah, Inspector, just in time. I’ve finished my examination and have the cause and time of death. Good news, inspector, this is one of the easy ones,” the medical examiner related. 

“I was delayed by traffic. So, what can you…


Seven Secret Trails - By Brian Law

The old man snored quietly in the corner of the porch, his left arm hanging down past the armrest of his rocking chair. The boy tiptoed close enough to the old man to see the faded tattoo on his grandfather’s…


Tasting the Local Tipple - By Brian Law

“Nice place you got here,” the man said to the bartender. 

“Thanks, we like it. What’ll you have today?” the bartender replied. 

“Well, I’ve heard good things about some of your local brews. What’s local and on tap?” 

The bartender…


The Quilt Shoppe - By Brian Law

“Yes, sir, may I help you?” the clerk asked. 

“I hope so,” the man replied. “I am looking for a very special quilt.” 

“We have a large inventory of quilts in this shop. Also, we have catalogs, of course, with…


A Novel Beginning - By Brian Law

He had been drinking alone at his favorite ale house since the sun had gone down. He was drunk, but not so drunk as to be unaware what his raunchy fellow drunks were saying about his long dead relative’s play…


The Bent Electrode - By Brian Law

His car sputtered to a stop just as he cleared the city limits sign. Luckily the car’s momentum was enough to allow him to steer it onto the shoulder. And after trying to get it started for several minutes, he…


God's Nap - By Brian Law

“Shouldn’t we do something?” she asked the other angel. “I mean, there’s a lot going on down there and it really needs some special attention! The kind of attention that only God can give.” 

“Orders were to let him nap…


Pecking Order - By Brian Law

His retirement party was a low-key event in keeping with his own personality. Nothing fancy, no punch lines, just solid talk from solid folks, and then it was all over, just like that. They handed him his plaque and the…


The Man From Dixie - By Brian Law

If you didn’t already know they were there, you’d never find them. Both the old pickup and the shabby little trailer hooked-up to it were so well hidden from the main road that even the County Sheriff’s patrols weren’t aware…