The Coroner's Children - By Brian Law

“Nobody liked them much,” the skinny teenager whispered to her friend. “But nobody expected this. I mean, they’re just kids, right?” 

The two stood shivering in the rain on the sidewalk across from the children’s home. Yellow crime scene tape…


Smile for Me - By Brian Law

“This is Julie. Welcome to ‘Smile for Me’. How can I help you today?” she chirped, adjusting her headpiece. 

“Hi, I’m a first time caller, so you’re going to have to be patient,” he responded. 

“No problem, sir. The way…


Mysterious Ways - By Brian Law

The police sergeant pulled his cruiser into its assigned parking slot at the Hollywood Division, shut-off the engine, began making a few entries onto his clipboard and remarked, “So, Dudley, this is it. You’ve just completed your training period with…


Moving Violation - By Brian Law

He knew it was risky, but he had no choice. He’d agreed to take Tricia for the weekend because his ex-wife had to go on one of her ‘business trips’, and if he didn’t take their daughter as a favor…


Homespun - By Brian Law

“I know, I know, Mr. Secretary. You keep reminding me, but my upbringing was different than yours,” the tall man with deeply sunken eyes related, his voice slow and patient. “You grew up in Ohio in a fine house next…


There's A Tiger In the Men's Room - By Brian Law

The pub wasn’t crowded given that it was mid-morning on a Thursday. In fact, the two young men were the only two at the bar and neither knew the other, although they both wore NYU sweatshirts. At some point, one…


Conjuring - By Brian Law

Without taking his eyes off the television set, he reached over  and extracted another potato chip from the bag on the side table. He even knew what the next pitch was going to be since he’d watched the ESPN reruns…


What's The Capital of Myanmar - By Brian Law

The candidate was clearly tired and very frustrated as the debate preparations continued into their third hour. He looked over to his wife who was sitting with his Chief Strategist and complained, “Oh, come on! The other guy doesn’t know…


The Sand Dancer - By Brian Law

From their secluded perch atop the cliff above the beach, they could see him directly below, dancing in the sand, alone. “See, I told you,” he whispered to his girlfriend, “He’s here every Saturday evening, just before it gets real…


Words - By Brian Law

“I must say, Mr. Byron, your resume is impressive,” the owner of said, his eyes gazing out over the document in his hands at the young man seated in front of him. “But despite your admirable literary achievements, I…


The Millers Make Minor Adjustments - By Brian Law

She raced down the stairs, panicked. Almost slipping as she took the corner on the lower landing, she headed for her husband in his den, and finding him, she panted, “It’s . . . Mom . . and Dad!” 



The Egg Lady - By Brian Law

As he turned the last corner before the end of his morning walk, a nondescript white van pulled-up alongside him and the young woman driving it yelled out, “Hey, I’m the Egg Lady. You need some?” 

He stopped, looked over…