Ad Out - By Brian Law

As he patted his neck with his towel, she bent down and dried off her legs with her towel. As he watched her, he remarked, “Your backhand today was the best I’ve ever seen it.” As he waited for her…


Here Goes Nothin' - By Brian Law

Most just called it “The Ranch”. It was a five thousand acre spread in the mountains of northern New Mexico and since the Sixties it had been the playground of the rich and famous. But the Pandemic had closed it…


Righty Tighty - By Brian Law

The young man and his Supervisor sat patiently in the waiting room of the Director of the Wuhan Laboratory. It had been a long day for both of them and they were anxious to return to their homes for the…


The Frustration Bureau - By Brian Law

“Good Morning, this is The Frustration Bureau. I’m Betsy, your assistant today. How may I help you?” 

A tentative male voice came on the line, “I’m, uh, a first-time caller. Are these calls recorded or anything?” 

Betsy cheerily replied, “We…


White Mask - By Brian Law

“Ronny, can I call you Ronny?” the man wearing the white face mask asked. 

“Yeah, that’s my name. Can you talk slower? It’s hard to understand you through the mask and all.” 

“No problem, Ronny,” the man answered. Speaking slowly…


Tell Me About It - By Brian Law

“Welcome, everyone, to today’s radio broadcast of ‘My American Life’, the only radio show that celebrates the lives of everyday Americans. I’m Bob Olney and today we have as our guest June Wesley from Tripto, Michigan. June, welcome to the…


Live Music - By Brian Law

He woke suddenly and sat bolt upright in bed. “What the hell was that?” he muttered, startling his wife. 

“What the hell was what?” she asked, yawning and barely awake. 

“That sound. It’s coming from outside. There it is again…


Herd Immunity - By Brian Law

She found him looking out the back window again. It was 2:30 in the morning and he was peeking through the curtain at the cottage they owned. She padded quietly up behind him, put her arms around his waist and…


Matriarch - By Brian Law

“Ah,” she replied, “I always knew you were the one, from the moment you could speak.” 

The great-grandchild sat at her knee, her great-grandmother patting her on the head. “But how do you know? How do you know who to…


Vintage - By Brian Law

“Cut, Cut! . . . Shit!” the young director yelled out in disgust as he quickly got up from his chair and motioned for his prop man. The director and the prop man had been close ever since film school…


Cat Food for Breakfast - By Brian Law

It was cold, very cold as the children huddled together at the table. There was only one chair and their father had taken that and was already eating. “Sit down!” he demanded mockingly. The children, wrapped in a single blanket…


The Next Billionaire - By Brian Law

The newly-elected President of the United States strode confidently to the podium, his patented cryptic half-smile revealing little of what he was feeling or thinking. Adjusting the microphone, he slowly surveyed the eager journalists with a patience that his predecessor…