Yesterday Evening - By Dan'l McILhenny 

Yesterday evening 

Sitting together, sunset neared 

A cloud cornucopia made memorable skyscapes 

Layers of thinnish cloud-whites 

Highlighted against deepened azures 

Wind-tossed lingerings 

Shapes evolve ~ as intricate webworks 

Seemingly elastic  

Heads tilted back 

Our eyes gaze - seeing 

racing contrails…


Lizard Races of May - By Dan'l Mcllhenny

Today as any that cometh our way 

Is fine for the Lizard Races of May 

When reptile smiles number 

More than a few 

And push-ups seem second 

Nature too! 

We watch the path as much as 

The bushes we do 


Orange Grove Cowgirl Sue - By Dan'l Mcllhenny

Was it those black and white  

50’s Cowboy shows 

Glowing from TV screens 

Or costumed Palomino riders 

Their steeds tacked out so they gleam 

Parading avenue confluences 

Where Hollywood meets Vine 

Leave a fine set of impressions 

On an eager…


Pink Moon Lament - By Dan'l McIlhenny

Last night a pink moon 

Skipped over Oregon 

Bigger than normal some say 

While others never noticed 

At a non-descript moment 

A voice behind a face  

Flickered out forever 

Vanishing from 

Our human aliveness status 

He, that person, a songwriter 


Perimeter Road - By Dan'l McILhenny

Rural landscape surroundings 

A walkers delight away 

Backyard fences strung low 

Say our heaven sits here neighbor 

Beyond that...Ag-fields stretch out 

Flat as pancakes 

March manicured - planted, growing 

In Earth’s rich Willamette Valley soil 

Some for grape, grain or…


Olive Trees - By Marjorie Block

Heavy wooden shutters stand open. 

Warm air and July sun stream into the room 

of the convent, my refuge for three weeks. 


At the window I inhale the unfamiliar 

countryside of Umbria: the scent of ripe fruit and earth 



Hysteria in the Kitchen - By Linda Burk

The commotion was getting louder. Cautiously looking around the corner, I couldn’t see anyone in the kitchen. What was happening? My eyes were drawn to the junk drawer. Could it be a mouse or worse a rat? I cautiously opened…


What Are You Looking At? - By Marjorie Block

It happens when you’re not looking. 

Sometime after the middle and towards the end 

when it’s easy to miss the fine silver thread 

waving from the middle of your chin. 


Unlike the shallows and the crags 

the Rorschachs that shift 


Man's Best Friend - By Carol Loo

Dogs are the best, 

of this I can attest. 

They love you no matter what, 

even when you’re in a rut. 

I like to watch them run and play, 

they show us how to enjoy each day. 

They don’t turn…


Aunt Adelaide and the Stafford House - By Theresa Kennedy

I don’t know why but I had the strangest feeling I should walk over, unlock the latch, lift the heavy arched window, and look down. That’s when I saw the jumbled mess of it, far below having landed directly next…


Sweet Natural Grasses - By Dan’l McILhenny

The rattle of cattle bells 

Rings clear across the valley 

As spring opens-up 

Her high green pastures above 


The steady rush - the splendid elation 

     When cowboys sing without hesitation 

     And promise their dogies 

     Sweet natural grasses they’ll love 




A Solid Gold Mustang - By Jim Carlson

George Johnson and his beautiful young wife, Robin, had been married 24 years. They were in love as only two can be, and George treated Robin as well as any husband ever could. But this couple was not very well-off…