Yesterday Evening - By Dan'l McILhenny 

Yesterday evening 

Sitting together, sunset neared 

A cloud cornucopia made memorable skyscapes 

Layers of thinnish cloud-whites 

Highlighted against deepened azures 

Wind-tossed lingerings 

Shapes evolve ~ as intricate webworks 

Seemingly elastic  

Heads tilted back 

Our eyes gaze - seeing 

racing contrails aloft 

Passenger jet plumes 

Remains stitched-in exhaustively   

Headed  in a hurry south bullets 

Their nextings unimportant 

To our shore perch sensing place 

And West . . . 

One tiring, sparkling Sun slowly 

Dismisses this calendar date 

Teasing through bandish low hung clouds 

Momentarily ducking out of sight 

Then demanding its  

Final dazzling shine before us 

A last beautiful curtain call 

An obvious cool  

Wraps around now 

Gone the solar radiance 

Some distant cloudlings drink-up 

Fleeting pastels bashfully showing off 

New alluring hues only to assume 

Grays as darkness waltzes toward night 

Along the Pacific Coast

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