Sweet Natural Grasses - By Dan’l McILhenny

The rattle of cattle bells 

Rings clear across the valley 

As spring opens-up 

Her high green pastures above 


The steady rush - the splendid elation 

     When cowboys sing without hesitation 

     And promise their dogies 

     Sweet natural grasses they’ll love 


Can’t you see - the best of the west 

Awaits you just beyond this riverbend 

I can hear - your questioning voices  

Ask me... again and again and again 

“When will we get there…  

does this trail really have an end?” 

“I’m no pretender… please believe me 

My sensitive four-legged friends!”  


     Daryl’s not your average cowpoke 

     He’s learned to speak some bovine tongue 

     Kind of similar to smiley Wilbur Post 

     Who spoke to Mister Ed for fun

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