Orange Grove Cowgirl Sue - By Dan'l Mcllhenny

Was it those black and white  

50’s Cowboy shows 

Glowing from TV screens 

Or costumed Palomino riders 

Their steeds tacked out so they gleam 

Parading avenue confluences 

Where Hollywood meets Vine 

Leave a fine set of impressions 

On an eager child's mind 

Like Orange Grove cowgirl Sue  

A young girl’s passing fancy 

Shakes her dreamworld loose 

Then reality takes the reins again 

Oh please... drive to Pickwick Stables 

Mom and Daddy please... 

There may be ponies in the paddock 

Swishing their tails upon the breeze 

Speaking equine lingo 

Easily understood  

By Orange Grove cowgirl Sue  

A straw hat and pointy boots 

Worn out with intention  

Pencil drawing done now 

Of course, crayon colored in  

A horse head shape she cuts-out & 

Tethered mane fixed to a beam of wood 

That ‘ol mop handle’s lookin’ good 

She rode and rode around the yard 

From front to back and then again 

Rides Orange Grove cowgirl Sue  


At last one day it happened 

Way south of the Burbank hills 

A horse that she could call her own 

But she’d have to pay the bills 

For feed and gear and atmosphere 

Where the Valles family roams 

Right next door to Sue’s La Mesa citrus home 

Penny’s her new companion 

Inseparable are the two 

Says Orange Grove cowgirl Sue 

Written 4/19/2020 by: Dan’l McIlhenny~ McMinnville, Oregon

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