A Taradiddle: The Dog Tales #1 - By Lillow Mi

I have been writing stories (taradiddles) about the Dogs on the farm and have amassed fifteen so far in a collection that I call the Dog Tales. I have put some on Facebook but I would like to present the…


At the Damfaster Master Caster Class, A Taradiddle - By Lillow Mi

A Taradiddle 

At the Damfaster Master Caster Class 

   “If one ever hopes to become adept at flying a Damfaster Sports Broom, then one must always go in the right direction. The training for this attainment begins early, right after birth…


Meadowcentric, A Taradiddle - By Lillow Mi

Part Four 

   We were lost on a strange planet in another galaxy and were just about to turn back when my voice, somehow controlled by the beings here, transmitted another message asking us to wait for someone or something that…


Meadowcentric: A Taradiddle - By Lillow Mi

A Taradiddle in Eight Parts. 

Part One 

     It's always about the meadow. As I've mentioned before, we are meadowcentric here, it being not only a dubious addition to the lexicon but the very center around which our lives revolve. There…


A Good Lot – A Taradiddle, By Lillow Mi

   We have an afternoon with no rain and Ishmael and I have decided to walk the meadow. We left the manor and turned left toward the main gate, snuggling into our coats against the cold winter winds. We followed the…


Tomes & Crystal Balls: A Taradiddle - By Lillow Mi

   We have just left our mysterious encounter with the enlarged Glamoury Wall. We flew our brooms for quite a ways east with still no sign of the meadow. Soon there appeared a dignified looking building with pillars in front and…


Smokin' and a Jokin' – A Taradiddle, By Lillow Mi

   Ishmael, Holly Lorna and I have been adventuring. We'd just escaped falling off the edge of the world with Henry and the Commodore and were now back in our kitchen thanks to a magical round door that takes us to…


A Boat on the Edge - By Lillow Mi

By Silver Gladstar 

On Taradiddles  

   Everything I write is a trivial lie, fib, and/or Færietale, known collectively as taradiddles. Everything. in the past I have referred to as my little fibs are taradiddles, and I have decided to call them…