Ticket Master - By Roxy

   Hello. Now listen: I'm Traffic Control Agent Jant Rivitir, Parking Compliance Division. My people are called PCA's; Parking Compliance Agents and we'll ticket you faster than that, even faster if we have to because we're tough, dedicated professionals, impossible to…


Creepy Things - By Rosy

1. Where does it start? 

   They used to come at night, the creepy things, they'd come with groans and rattling chains and distant screams, whose effect was, as the creepy things intended, dismay and fear. Why would anyone want more…


Sometimes It Works - By Lillow G

   There was a statue of Lenfast in the square, establishing this as a village of small people. Lenfast was the God of Fast and Faster who was worshiped by the smaller people of the land. People whose existence involved avoiding…


Flocks - By Silver G

   We follow the clouds the way nomads follow their herds. We're light færies who whisper to clouds, diaphanous spirits who keep the watery haze like herders would, like herders would their fluffy sheep. 

   It's said we need clouds to survive…


Also - By Lillow G

   In the meadow there's a song that is always playing and those that hear it often sing along. It is today the song of Autumn, a song of wet and chilly or the Sunshine Contraction Song. This is the song…


Stupid Story, Part 1 - By Rosy

   My children, two girls, Brakka and Jant, work at a farm outside of town. I've been to it, I think, but I'm unclear on what the farm actually does or what their work entails and, well I'm not even sure…


The Space Patrol - By Rosy

   I think you will find that a lot of people who don't know anything make up stuff, perhaps to compensate. You know, fill in the vast empty spaces where normal people put all the stuff they know. This following story…


A Famous Story - By Rosy

   “Do you need a list?” Captain Rivitir asked as I gazed apprehensively at the control panel in front of me. Must be a hundred gauges, switches, and dials, I thought. 

   “Uh, a list?” I muttered trying to decipher what I…


Aggy, Part Two - The Return of the Witches - By Rosy


   The River Goddess has destroyed Teleron's castle but Teleron himself is missing. The slaves began escaping when the castle started to collapse and when the last of them crossed the drawbridge the rest of the castle collapsed with most…


Aggy Searching for Witches: Part one - By Rosy


   There's a meadow at the beginning. A meadow of timeless endurance, that nobly endows the life of ideas that burble up from the cosmic quantum that lies beneath. These cosmic quantum ideas or cosquanti as we came to know…


Cranch - By Rosy R.

1. A road is found. 

     Alone in a spaceship. How did this happen? Entom looked around. Must be someone about, has to be, he thought. And just what is this spaceship anyway? These and other questions were on Entom's mind…


Bad Neighborhood - By H.R.Riviter

   As she approached the pond, she knew something was wrong. It was nothing she had seen or heard, rather it was a feeling, thick as syrup, palpable and unnerving, that was giving her goosebumps. She stopped and looked in every…