Sometimes It Works - By Lillow G

   There was a statue of Lenfast in the square, establishing this as a village of small people. Lenfast was the God of Fast and Faster who was worshiped by the smaller people of the land. People whose existence involved avoiding or escaping from the larger things that either paid them no mind, pushing and stepping on them or chasing after them. Those who loved Lenfast could, it is said, in an emergency, draw on the numinous energy imparted by Lenfast to go that extra mile, so to speak. Or that extra speed necessary in evasive actions, that's what Lenfast promised. All the survivors of these nefarious encounters swore that it was Lenfast that got them through. Those who didn't survive never really talked about it. 

   Birtlen was the top member of the clergy in the Big Church of Lenfast and was called a Lennard. Besides being a high ranking Lennard he was also leader of the Lenfast congregation in Pixieville, a community of Pixies near the Elvenstead Akashic Records, Tomes, Crystal Balls and Exchanges Division. Lennard Birtlen loved that library and spent as much time as he could there. Today he was studying the application of Chaos Theory to velocity in quick escape situations, a subject he planned to lecture on this week in church. He had spent the afternoon in the library's Reference and Divination section studying up and was preoccupied with checking his notes as he left so he didn't notice the Troll who'd come walking up from the other way, oblivious to the underlying communities of small folk hereabouts. 

   A curious aspect of the Akashic Records is that they can be accessed by people of all sizes. From giants larger than trolls and dragons to people as small as Færies and Pixies. Even bigger and even smaller are possible, one at a time of course, just as pretty much every shape and color are all welcome at the Akashic Records, and all will find a place that fits them there.     

   So here was the diminutive Lennard Birtlen drifting out while the Troll Harmfirst was lumbering in, a potentially disastrous encounter, for the Lennard anyway. But just as Lennard Birtlen stepped off the top step, Harmfirst stepped on the bottom step, neither aware of the other. The library's middle steps, trying valiantly to accommodate both these extremes at once, went boing and knocked Harmfirst to the ground rendering him further senseless. This would seem both impossible and a validation of Lenfast's teachings wherein an innocent small person was saved from sure crunching under a giant's foot through some sort of divine intervention or something but it was not to be. In fact the step's boing did somehow increase Harmfirst's senselessness and it shot Lennard Birtlen into space where he achieved a near perfect low-earth orbit which, while perfect in its way, was not beneficial to the Lennard's well-being. On Thursdays and Sundays he can still be seen with binoculars but we are encouraged not to look, perhaps because the Lennard wore a dirty robe.   

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