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All great books! Such a great find for me being such a busy person


I have read a lot of short stories written by Mizeta and Howard and am addicted. Their stories are captivating and fun and I love that they are short so I can read the whole story in one or two sittings as I don't have a lot of time for full size novels these days. Keep them coming!!

Jacki Leach

I give 'Word Storms' a huge 5 stars! I loved Mizeta's 'snapshot' collection of a small town (made me wish I lived in such a town), and Howard's novella, 'Wheelchair Power', was thrilling. I thought each story was timely and succinct, which was just what I needed after spending too much time at work. Each story was a pleasant surprise, and 'took me out of my head'.

Shirley Fritz

Word Storms is one fantastic book. Something for everyone. Put it in your purse, your car or your pocket. It will fill your idle moments with things to ponder, laughter, or fantastic worlds you wished you were part of. The writing is superb as are the stories. Do yourself a favor and grab one before they are gone.

Shelly Clauder

I've never been much of a reader but I really enjoy reading the short stories here! Thank you for the laughs and for the interesting fun topics! Looking forward to all the stories to follow!

Janet Lynn

Loved reading Word Storm. Portraits of Carroll Town is fantastic. Wished the world and people were this true to themselves today. I enjoy taking a few minutes out of my day to read these short stories. It doesn't take much time to get refreshed and ready to get back to daily life. Comedies, mysteries and just good reading.