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Survival, by Howard Schneider and Mizeta Moon

Survival is a collection of sixty-two very short stories (50 by Mizeta Moon, 12 by Howard Schneider), some less than a single page, and three longer works. The collection leads off with Howard's post-apocalyptic story "Survival", a multi-chapter tale set in the year 2084 on the northwest coast of Canada. The final story, also a longer one by Howard, is "Dark Mountain", an adventure tale set in current time in the Colorado Rocky mountains where innocent mushroom hunters become entangled with a drug cartel gang and have to fight for their survival. The third longer piece is a futuristic time-travel story by Mizeta, "Long-Term Investment", with some unexpected twists and turns. The stories range over a wide variety of genres, locations, times, and styles; there's something for everybody.

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