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Shaved Legs And All (Cross Dressing Made Easy): What Size Am I?

Clothing manufacturers are constantly renaming their categories so that you can appear to be a size ten when you are really a fourteen. The only way to get around their skullduggery is to keep trying things on until you get a good sense of what works for you. At Ross, when I want a stretchy summer dress without sleeves I am a junior thirteen. With sleeves and a zipper I can be a women’s fifteen. The cut/shape of every garment is so different that there are no hard/fast rules to follow. This is where thrift stores can become your best friend. While you are still in the experimental stage, spending less on clothes that may not be comfortable in the long run can prevent a lot of headaches. Something might feel good at first, but as the day wears on, that might not be the case. Materials can itch, seams often bind, and arm holes can rip due to sudden motions.

Thankfully, I live in Oregon and don’t have to worry about being arrested because I want to try on a dress. Most large department stores have separate dressing rooms for men and women, but they are not open rooms where people disrobe in front of strangers. Each cubicle closes and gives one the privacy they require. I seldom shop for new clothes, and when I do, there is usually an attendant who observes how many garments go in and out. Changing on the men’s side seldom results in problems when such is the case, although attendants and shoppers alike have given me the stink eye for being where they think I don’t belong. Thrift stores usually only have one or two locking rooms where whoever is next can stand in front of a mirror to see if something fits. This simplifies the process and eliminates any form of gender discrimination. Feel free to grab a handful of things you think will work and jump right in there, but please don’t be a hog and keep everyone else waiting forever. You can engage in several short sessions and gain the respect of others in the process.

Due to the fact most thrift stores are operated by some type of charitable organization, they usually only concern themselves with whether I indeed possess coin of the realm. If I want to buy a mink coat they are happy to add to their coffers without concerning themselves with who will be wearing it. Most of their employees are volunteers and can be incredibly eager to advance the goals their group wishes to achieve. Here in Portland we have one called PACS that is not only very affordable for persons of low income, but they do a lot when it comes to helping families and the elderly. Better Bargains has a lot of inexpensive clothing as well, but only one tiny cubicle for changing, no bathroom and a facility that could really use a face lift. I keep thinking someone should donate some paint and a drum of Lysol. Shopping at Goodwill gets you a bathroom as well as changing rooms, but their prices can be at, or close to standard retail. Something on sale at Marshalls might be a better deal. Going to thrift stores can help build the confidence required to stand in line at Macy’s and wait your turn to try things on after you have a better idea of what usually works for you. Most of the places I shop have gotten so used to me by now that I can walk around the store and poke through the racks with a total lack of self- consciousness.

One thing I have learned is that one size fits all is a farce. Although most of us have two arms and legs, configurations of the human body vary in a multitude of ways. Big thighs, fat calves, skinny arms, no butt, you name it. Men often have a beer gut that will make something that fits around the waist sag at the top or ride up from the bottom. The choice of wearing a padded bra or acquiring breast implants can change what fits as well. I remember buying cheap panty hose that I could have stretched to encompass my entire body. I wear bras sometimes, but usually don’t as they can be quite uncomfortable. Ask any woman you know how many she has that are truly fun to wear. When it comes to buying hosiery and underwear, most companies provide height/weight charts on the packages, which makes it a lot easier to find something you’ll be able to live with.

We often make poor choices in color. What you find yourself attracted to might not look flattering with your body shape or coloration. If you have a friend with a good eye and an honest heart, it helps to have them tag along and keep you from looking ridiculous. What looks hot on a twenty year old probably won’t on a middle-aged man. That is not to say one should be dowdy. I can be flashy, but I try not to go out in the daytime wearing clothes more appropriate for an evening on the town. I try to be both stylish and comfortable, instead of cinching myself into something that will disintegrate if it rains or I make one false move. Shopping for clothes can make your inner girl glow with excitement when you look in the mirror and see the outer shell adorned with what seemed right to you all along. I spent years looking in the closet, wondering whose guy clothes those were and why I kept reaching for things that should have been there but weren’t. Now that I don’t own any guy clothes, that mystery has been solved. Hopefully, you too can become silky, smooth and colorful. And by taking the time to make sure things fit properly, gain the satisfaction your soul desires. Being beautiful becomes a habit that one has no desire to break. Mizeta Moon


January 26, 2018 @06:39 pm by — alicebtrueinkansas

I just wanted someone to know that i read several of her blogs and was truly impressed with her style. i wish i could find more like her.

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