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Shaved Legs and All: Turmoil

Sometimes it’s hard to sleep while wondering what’s going to happen to the LGBTQ community. Preachers stand in their pulpits calling for our execution. Politicians vote to take away our rights. We are labeled an abomination, but to whom? The neighbor down the street who beats his wife and children? The cop who shoots people because they’re not white? The priest who rapes young boys after taking a vow of celibacy? The thief who violates privacy and property to satisfy their greed? The shopkeeper who refuses to do business with certain types? We are not monsters. We are flesh and blood seeking the same freedom of expression as anyone else. Is the love in our hearts invalid by not being shared with someone considered socially acceptable?

Who is dictating what is normal and what is aberrant? It can’t be God. According to religious tenets we are all God’s children and worthy of love. Jesus perhaps? Oh, yeah! According to him, all of us are God’s creations. And where is he anyway? People sing songs about forgiveness and acceptance on Sunday, then go out and spread hatred through a tumultuous world the rest of the week. They reject kindness and act with aggression towards anyone unlike themselves. Are we doomed to mass destruction due to our unwillingness to accept diversity?

In the last few years I have made a lot of new friends in my community. Many women give me hugs and kisses, and many men shake my hand. The importance of these acts is not lost on me. I relish every bit of kindness given and return it sevenfold. Conversely, the current political climate encourages hate speak and separatism. People who were quiet haters for years now feel free to glare at me and make rude comments. I’m glad that I live in an area known for its tolerance, even though the influx of people from other states is starting to move us in a more hostile direction. My concern is that they will overwhelm our accepting population and turn us into an intolerant environ similar to those that practice exclusion, prejudice and violence. Oregon has been subject to such behavior before and has slowly transcended it. I am loath to accept a return to such ignorance.

Meanwhile, I shop for shoes, buy new dresses, and accept gifts of lipstick and perfume from those who love me. I stand in line at the grocery store without apology. I drink at my local bar, knowing that the money I earn for my labor is as good as anyone else’s. Despite all attempts at eradication I refuse to go away or be ignored. I proudly claim my place in the world and accept no belittlement. It is my hope that despite whatever challenges they face, every member of the LGBTQ nation will hold fast against the tide of insensitivity and refuse eradication. That they will continue to love and flourish. That they will speak their mind at the ballot box and elect leaders who understand that we are all worthy of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Till next time, stay strong, smile, and be kind.

Love, Mizeta Moon     




July 08, 2019 @01:45 pm by — Silver Gladstar

Thanks! It all needed saying I guess. These are sad days for USA, the saddest I've seen in my young life. I am proud to be your friend and I send you love.

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