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Honey, Did You Wear My Dress?

Honey, Did You Wear My Dress?

Relationships are at best fragile things. One moment we can be soaring the heights of ecstasy and the next be plummeted to the depths of despair. One of the fastest ways to destroy love or friendship is to live a lie. Our world is already filled with duplicity, fraud, thieves and all manners of harm. If we have been lucky enough to find love and the comfort of someone to share with, should we risk its demise by keeping secrets from a person who has opened their heart and mind and allowed us access to their soul? Do we really love someone if we do not allow them to see who actually lives inside the shell?

If you have even the slightest inclination to wear silky underthings or shave your legs and experience the smooth caress of sheer nylons then you must communicate these feelings with whomever you might be considering as a lover or spouse. As a general rule, women are insightful, compassionate and extremely well organized. They will know that the button on their dress wasn’t missing when they wore it last. Their panties probably won’t fit you well and stretching out the waistband could lead to a melt-down from which the relationship might never recover. Had you faced the possibility of rejection, and instead been chosen, you would not find yourself sleeping in the den or sitting in divorce court. Having accepted you as is they would be prompted to wipe off that left over bit of make-up on your face before you left for work instead of suspecting that you are having an affair.

Many men go to elaborate lengths to hide something that society has branded as evil, perverted and just plain wrong. They often maintain secret hideaways or a separate bank account to conceal their forays to cheap motels where nobody notices that the guy in room 345 is now wearing a blonde wig and stiletto heels. Stashing their girl clothes in the trunk of their car, they pray that their spouse never needs to borrow it and winds up having a flat tire. Imagine how your wife might feel if she came home early one night and found you lying in bed wearing her favorite nightie and using a lipstick she’d been saving for a special occasion. Had you been up front, all you would get is a tongue lashing about buying your own clothes and cosmetics instead of dealing with the confusion, anger and pain you have inflicted by lying. While it is true you might not have the luxury of living how you want 24/7 like me, (due to your job or intolerant relatives) the times spent together behind closed doors can be a lot of fun and lead to even greater bonding when both parties understand the nature and rules of the game. 

If, like me, you want to live dressed as your true inner self all the time you must prepare yourself for rejection. Since going full time I have had to go without a companion and learn to deal with the many misconceptions people have where cross dressers are concerned. Besides being old and not strikingly beautiful I have discovered that most women assume I am gay, which is not the case. The few women I have met who were attracted to me did not stir my libido and instead became good friends. These days we can be seen shopping, eating, drinking and generally having a good time while hordes of bigots shake their heads in disgust and mutter obscenities under their breath. Honestly, most of the time I hardly notice. My friends concern themselves with it more than I do. When the right person for me comes along they will know exactly what they are getting into. Should they never appear, then the happiness I have found by living as I choose will remain a comfort no one can ever take away from me. Your friends are not really friends if you are expected to be, think and act like them. At that point they are simply acquaintances whose opinions should not dictate your emotional landscape.

So, now that you are starting to understand who you are and where your life should or could be going, there comes a time when the practical aspects come into play. Am I a dresses and high-heels kinda girl, or sportswear and hiking boots? Will my cravings be satisfied by dressing up at Halloween or do I need more? Am I gay, bi or so enamored with women that not only do I want to ravish them, I want to dress as they do? After all, the coolest materials and prettiest colors are to be found in the women’s department. What color hair do I want? There often seems to be more questions than answers and very few places to turn where one might find a sympathetic guide. Stick around. We’ll explore some of these things together. Till next time, please remember that you are not committing a crime by embarking on a journey of self-realization.

Mizeta Moon


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